Mwiba Lodge

Luxury in remote Serengeti

Mwiba Lodge is a secluded, sophisticated haven set among massive stone boulders, ancient coral trees and acacias, overlooking a rocky gorge on the Arugusinyai River. Set in harmony with this idyllic natural backdrop, Mwiba Lodge offers an unmatched experience in luxury adventure. This exclusive lodge mixes both traditional and modern design elements, creating an inviting, sophisticated hideaway.

At a glance


Mwiba Wildlife Reserve is a private concession available only to a handful of guests, facilitating an excellent, uncrowded safari experience within the greater Serengeti eco-system.


Each of ten suites give way to a wide-open layout of their natural surroundings. Indulge in large tubs with private outside showers with transporting views from hardwood plank decks.

Unique Experiences

… guaranteed! Book an additional night to experience fly-camping under the African stars or why not chase the dream flying in a helicopter over the Serengeti!

In detail

Helicopter Ride

What a highlight!

Head out in the helicopter for an incredible journey along the Rift Valley of Tanzania with some short breaks to soak in the view and a couple of longer stops for brunch and coffee/drinks. Fly over the incredible Lake Natron with the active volcano Ol’Donyo Lengai and see pink swarms of Flamingoes from above. Have a stopover walking along a river and cool off in the waterfall’s natural pool. Fly past the famous Ngorongoro Crater and then down into Lake Eyasi to see its incredible color patterns and striking escarpment. Back into Mwiba Lodge for late lunch.

Fly Camp Experience

After an afternoon game drive, your destination is the fly-camp in time for a sundowner at a private spot in the reserve. Enjoy dinner cooked over the campfire before retiring to the stargazer tents. Enjoy a full night sky with thousands of stars and no artificial light pollution. The unit consists of stargazer tents which are made with transparent netting for walls and roof for you to fully immerse the sounds and sights of the bush around you. They are furnished with camping cots, which are fitted out with a thick mattress, pillows, sheets and cosy blankets. In terms of facilities, there is a separate long drop toilet, and the shower is a bucket-shower rigged up under a nearby tree. Hot water for showers will be heated over a wood fire, and be ready for evening or morning shower.

Cultural Experience

A visit to Mwiba Wildlife Reserve affords guests the unique opportunity to spend time with four different tribes as they go about their daily lives.

The Sukuma are a Bantu speaking people and are the largest of Tanzania’s ethnic groups. The word “Sukuma” refers to the people of the north. Pay a visit to a Sukuma medicine man, who is the equivalent of a modern day homeopath and treats illnesses symptomatically. He invites you into his circular mud home to see the various shells and plant matter that are used as a medium for freshly collected actives that he makes into a concoction.

The Datoga, also known as the Mang’ati, which comes from a Maasai term meaning “enemy” is a proud, fierce warrior tribe, considering themselves to be the oldest tribe in Tanzania. (Although both the Maasai and the Hadzabe will also make claim to this). They are nomadic herders, depending largely on cow and goat meat and milk for their diet.

The Maasai are the fierce warriors and proud pastoralists. They are seen as defying modern culture to protect their customs and traditional way of life, however many initiations and rituals are slowly eroding due to outside influences.  Believing that all cattle on earth once belonged to them, they still occasionally go on raids to retrieve their stolen herds.

Witness the Hadza way of life, your private guide and tracker will take you on a half day trip to the nomadic Hadza hunters who are moving through the wilderness around the Lake Eyasi. Upon finding them, you may have the opportunity to accompany them as they forage for their vital food sources: tubes, honey, berries, birds and bush meat. If you are interested to learn more about the last hunter-gatherer tribe check out our unique experience, where you can stay 2 nights close to a Hadza family.


Why Nale Moru

We know the land.

We seek to show you the authentic Africa. The one that’s at once beautiful and raw, honest and unpredictable. In a place like this, you want to travel with experts. We are a boutique travel company run by experienced guides who have worked these lands for a combined total of 20 years and counting. We take you to our favourite spots, stay at boutique properties in exquisite locations and will never take you somewhere we haven’t been (and loved) already.

We design experiences like no other.

We delight in offering travelers some of the most rare and fascinating moments East Africa has to offer. Group tours and tourist trails are not our style – our itineraries are designed to maximise your safari experience. This includes access to remote areas where you’re likely to have the sunrise to yourself, encounter prominent ecologists and wildlife researchers or receive complimentary room upgrades. Whether it’s the laidback luxury of a casual tented bush camp, the refined elegance of the Singita’s or a boutique house on a remote private concession – we match the flavour of each experience to your style and preference.

We take care of you.

Your experience is our priority. We match you with the most knowledgeable and skilled naturalist guides and meticulously craft your itinerary with the finer details of VIP airport visa service, private transport, necessary permits, and luxury accommodation among many others. We choose only the most reliable suppliers and safest of routes, and we’re always on call to assist you throughout your journey. We understand that your time is precious and take care of everything, so all that’s left for you to do is immerse yourself in the adventure.

We travel responsibly.

We care about the local communities and ecological integrity of the areas we visit. We tread as lightly as possible, use no plastic on safari and provide eco-friendly meal hampers with BPA-free stainless-steel water bottles for your comfort. We are committed to helping East African communities through considered and respectful tourism – and give back as much as we can. That includes carbon offset options, as well as community donations and tree planting. Our commitment to sustainable tourism ensures that African ecosystems thrive and benefit future generations.

We have you covered.

We understand that safaris can be a big investment. So to offer you full financial protection and peace of mind, we carry comprehensive tour operator liability insurance as well as passenger liability insurance. Our safaris also include flying doctor medical evacuation premium.

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