Meet the Hadza people

Tanzania’s last hunter gatherers

We are one of the very few operators with an exclusive access to the remote, isolated Basin of Northern Hadza territory in the Yaeda Chini Valley. They are East Africa’s last remaining true hunter-gatherers’ tribe and perhaps the last original “indigenous people”.

We operate a private seasonal camp in a remote valley, all our trips are escorted by a long-term friend and tribal activist who give our clients deeper insights into the Hadza’s way of life, guests participate in traditional hunting using bows and arrows, gatherings, harvesting honey from baobab trees, digging for tubes, as well as enjoying scenic landscapes and sunsets. Don’t worry we will cater for freshly cooked meals to your taste.


At a glance

Off the beaten path

You will immerse in a remote area away from modern stress factors where nature guides the daily rhythm – it is a true authentic and personal experience.

Morning hunts

Accompany the men on an early morning hunt, taste raw honey or even a bird snack, and try yourself in bow and arrow.

Respect Privacy

We set our camp in respectful distance to one Hadza family and will spend few hours with them in the morning and afternoon.

In detail


The Hadza’s homeland lies on the southern edge of the Serengeti plains, in the shadow of world renowned Ngorongoro Crater. The Hadza have probably lived in the Yaeda Chini valley area for millennia. Genetically – like the Bushmen of southern Africa – they are one of the ‘oldest’ lineages of humankind and still living the life depicted by their ancestors in rock paintings 5,000 years ago: hunting, making fire, gathering tubers and rhizomes, etc. 

It’s believed that the Hadza’s ancestors have probably lived in their current territory for tens of thousands of years. Archaeological evidence suggests that the area has been continuously occupied by hunter gatherers much like the Hadza since at least the beginning of the Later Stone Age, 50,000 years ago. Hadza language is unique, they speak an isolated click language that is unrelated to any other language on earth.

Seasonal Diet

Hadza diet follows the offerings of the seasons, and mainly consists of natural fibres, which we in our modern modified diet have lost a long time ago. Tubes, raw honey, Baobab fruits and berries form the main daily diet and create an incredible healthy microbiome, which protects the Hadza from various diseases. As well, unlike other tribes in Tanzania, Hadza have no records of hunger and famine in their oral traditions, their diet consists primarily of indigenous species of plants and animals that evolved in Africa. Hunting for fresh meat is surely one of the goals of hunting, though became very limited due to scattered wet seasons, and increasing land conflicts with neighboring tribes who are pastoralists and farmers.

The Hadza, however, have one of the most complex yet healthiest gut bacteria reservoir, which is comparable with other indigenous tribes from Papua New Guinea or South America.

Why Nale Moru

We know the land.

We seek to show you the authentic Africa. The one that’s at once beautiful and raw, honest and unpredictable. In a place like this, you want to travel with experts. We are a boutique travel company run by experienced guides who have worked these lands for a combined total of 20 years and counting. We take you to our favourite spots, stay at boutique properties in exquisite locations and will never take you somewhere we haven’t been (and loved) already.

We design experiences like no other.

We delight in offering travelers some of the most rare and fascinating moments East Africa has to offer. Group tours and tourist trails are not our style – our itineraries are designed to maximise your safari experience. This includes access to remote areas where you’re likely to have the sunrise to yourself, encounter prominent ecologists and wildlife researchers or receive complimentary room upgrades. Whether it’s the laidback luxury of a casual tented bush camp, the refined elegance of the Singita’s or a boutique house on a remote private concession – we match the flavour of each experience to your style and preference.

We take care of you.

Your experience is our priority. We match you with the most knowledgeable and skilled naturalist guides and meticulously craft your itinerary with the finer details of VIP airport visa service, private transport, necessary permits, and luxury accommodation among many others. We choose only the most reliable suppliers and safest of routes, and we’re always on call to assist you throughout your journey. We understand that your time is precious and take care of everything, so all that’s left for you to do is immerse yourself in the adventure.

We travel responsibly.

We care about the local communities and ecological integrity of the areas we visit. We tread as lightly as possible, use no plastic on safari and provide eco-friendly meal hampers with BPA-free stainless-steel water bottles for your comfort. We are committed to helping East African communities through considered and respectful tourism – and give back as much as we can. That includes carbon offset options, as well as community donations and tree planting. Our commitment to sustainable tourism ensures that African ecosystems thrive and benefit future generations.

We have you covered.

We understand that safaris can be a big investment. So to offer you full financial protection and peace of mind, we carry comprehensive tour operator liability insurance as well as passenger liability insurance. Our safaris also include flying doctor medical evacuation premium.

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