Rift Valley walk

A most dramatic walk in the Rift Valley

This is a moderate 4 days walking expedition, probably one of the finest walks in East Africa, showing geologically diverse and dramatic region of the Eastern African Rift Valley System, the main drawcard here is extrusive volcanic features. East Africa’s only active volcano ‘Ol Doinyo Lengai’, human history, spectacular waterfalls, Flamingo-rich soda lakes and stunning landscapes. You will be guided by local Maasai guides and resilient donkey porters.

At a glance

Dramatic landscape

This walk is showcasing a fascinating geologically diverse region, arriving in a moon-like landscape shaped by East Africa’s only active volcano ‘Ol Donyo Lengai’.

Maasai land

Throughout Northern Tanzania you find the Maasai people living in these arid and harsh surroundings, learn more about their way of life along the way.


You will be accommodated in a private mobile camp and served three hot meals per day, drinks included.

In detail

East Africa Rift Valley

The Rift Valley is part of the African Rift Valley system reaching from Ethiopia and the Red sea down to Mozambique. With mountain ranges of over 2000M above sea level and fascinating gorges and escarpments in between the underlying foundation are tectonic plates who constantly shift if so in subtle event. The Rift has been shaped for over 20 million years and eventually shaped volcanos alongside like the Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya.

Ol’Doinyo Lengai

This is the only still active volcano in the world that erupts carbonatite lava. This dark, thin lava is cooler than usual lava and upon reaching the lake Natron down to its slopes lava cools down to become natron carbonate and nourishes the lake with soda ash. The volcano is certainly a phenomenon to geologists worldwide and its movements and recent eruptions are under constant observation. The volcano can be visited and a hike usually takes up to 7-10 hours, reaching the top you can have insights into the crater. Be aware of a steep, technical climb at an altitude of 2880 meters.

Lake Natron

This lake has been formed by eruptions of Ol’Doinyo Lengai and due to its high concentration of alkaline soda and warm waters it makes up a perfect breeding and feeding ground for thousands of lesser pink flamingoes. As well as many other water birds come here to rest and feed which make the area very attractive for passionate birders. Lake Natron and its dramatic landscape is definitely an off-the-beaten path destination and holds so much in stall for adventure travellers.

Why Nale Moru

We know the land.

We seek to show you the authentic Africa. The one that’s at once beautiful and raw, honest and unpredictable. In a place like this, you want to travel with experts. We are a boutique travel company run by experienced guides who have worked these lands for a combined total of 20 years and counting. We take you to our favourite spots, stay at boutique properties in exquisite locations and will never take you somewhere we haven’t been (and loved) already.

We design experiences like no other.

We delight in offering travelers some of the most rare and fascinating moments East Africa has to offer. Group tours and tourist trails are not our style – our itineraries are designed to maximise your safari experience. This includes access to remote areas where you’re likely to have the sunrise to yourself, encounter prominent ecologists and wildlife researchers or receive complimentary room upgrades. Whether it’s the laidback luxury of a casual tented bush camp, the refined elegance of the Singita’s or a boutique house on a remote private concession – we match the flavour of each experience to your style and preference.

We take care of you.

Your experience is our priority. We match you with the most knowledgeable and skilled naturalist guides and meticulously craft your itinerary with the finer details of VIP airport visa service, private transport, necessary permits, and luxury accommodation among many others. We choose only the most reliable suppliers and safest of routes, and we’re always on call to assist you throughout your journey. We understand that your time is precious and take care of everything, so all that’s left for you to do is immerse yourself in the adventure.

We travel responsibly.

We care about the local communities and ecological integrity of the areas we visit. We tread as lightly as possible, use no plastic on safari and provide eco-friendly meal hampers with BPA-free stainless-steel water bottles for your comfort. We are committed to helping East African communities through considered and respectful tourism – and give back as much as we can. That includes carbon offset options, as well as community donations and tree planting. Our commitment to sustainable tourism ensures that African ecosystems thrive and benefit future generations.

We have you covered.

We understand that safaris can be a big investment. So to offer you full financial protection and peace of mind, we carry comprehensive tour operator liability insurance as well as passenger liability insurance. Our safaris also include flying doctor medical evacuation premium.

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